Fall 2017

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Resource Update

2017 - Resources

How to Resolve Marriage Tensions in a Food Allergy Family

Article Description: There are very few resources on this important topic. Parents often have different allergy management styles and tension builds-up without being addressed. This tension may be expressed during nutrition counselling (directly or in subtle comments). As dietitians, we can not provide intervention, but we can suggest resources and encourage clients to seek help.

Target Audience: General Public

Organization: Allergic Living Magazine

Website Link

Allergy Pals Mentorship

Program Description: Online, interactive education sessions for children with anaphylactic allergies. Two different programs:

  1. eight-week programs for 7 – 11 years and 12 – 15.
  2. monthly webinars for children 7 – 11 years.

Target Audience: children and teenagers with anaphylactic allergies

Organization: Food Allergy Canada

Website Link

Baby Meets Risky Foods: Parents Struggle to Adapt to New Food Allergy Guidelines

Article Description: This article describes the fear and resistance that many parents experience when they are encouraged to introduce allergenic foods (as opposed to previous recommendations to delay introduction). It’s a great article for health care professionals to appreciate a parent’s perspective. It would also be a good resource to pass along to parents.

Target Audience: General public

Organization: Allergic Living Magazine

Website Link

Allergist Scott Sicherer Tackles the Crucial Food Allergy Questions

Article Description: Several complex allergy questions are discussed in a Q&A style.

Target Audience: The intended target audience is the general public, but this article may not be suitable for a client handout. Most clients appreciate a small amount of information that is directly related to their circumstances. However, it is an excellent summary to enhance professional knowledge.

Organization: Allergic Living Magazine

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The Beyond Celiac Research Newsletter

Newsletter Description: Keep up-to-date on the latest celiac-related research findings and upcoming projects.

Target Audience: General celiac public

Organization: Beyond Celiac web

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Research Update

2017 - Research

Celiac Disease and Nonceliac Gluten Sensitivity: A Review

Scope: Excellent review, with concise answers to many of the commonly asked questions.

Who may be interested in reading full article? All dietitians. The article begins with detailed immunology, but the majority is practical and easy to understand.

Pub Med ID -28810029

Food Allergy

Scope: This review focuses on the latest research advances for anaphylaxis and immediate allergy, especially new desensitization therapies (improved tolerance, by exposing the patient to increasing quantities of their allergen).

Who may be interested in reading full article? Dietitians specializing in food allergy.

Pub Med ID – 28930512

International consensus guidelines for the diagnosis and management of food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome: Executive summary-Workgroup Report of the Adverse Reactions to Foods Committee, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Scope: Thirty evidence-graded summary statements. There have been several review article on this topic over the last few years, but this consensus is the most rigorous.

Who may be interested in reading full article? Dietitians specializing in pediatrics and/or food allergy.

Pub Med ID – 28167094

Indications and Use of the Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet for Patients with Non-Responsive Celiac Disease

Scope: Practical strategies for assessing and counselling celiac patients that have lingering disease, despite following a gluten-free diet. Rare individuals may be exquisitely sensitive to gluten and require a short-term diet that eliminates foods with any possible gluten-contamination.

Who may be interested in reading full article? Dietitians specializing in celiac disease.

Pub Med ID – 29057833

 Your Clinical Questions

2017 Fall - Q&A

Is buckwheat gluten-free?

Despite the confusing name, buckwheat is a seed which is unrelated to wheat and is allowed on a gluten-free diet. It is available as buckwheat flour, raw buckwheat groats or kasha (toasted buckwheat).