Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease: The effects of gluten free diet on metabolic control.

Highlights: Celiac disease occurs in at least 10% of patients with Type 1 diabetes at some point in their life. Patients should be screened for celiac disease at diagnosis and yearly. Fortunately, celiac disease does not appear to worsen glycemic control or diabetic complications. However, gluten-free diet compliance is lower in patients with both diseases compared to celiac disease alone – indicating significant challenges faced by these patients. Many gluten-free foods have a high glycemic index (made with refined starches and flours) and would not be appropriate for type 1 diabetes. Expert dietitian assessment and education is critical.

Application to Dietetic Practice: This article was written by a physician for physicians. Fortunately, the importance of expert dietary counselling is stressed. It would be a good overview article for dietitians that counsel celiac and/or type 1 diabetic patients. However, it does not provide specific nutrition counselling details.

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