Small amounts of gluten in subjects with suspected nonceliac gluten sensitivity: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial

Highlights: Subjects with nonceliac gluten sensitivity (based on self-reported symptoms with gluten ingestion) followed a gluten-free diet and were randomized to receive capsules containing gluten or rice starch for one week and then the opposite for separate week (cross over trial). A significant increase in symptoms while taking gluten was reported compared with rice starch. However, the symptom scores for individual subjects (Figure 3) show a different picture. Only about 5% met the criteria to confirm nonceliac gluten sensitivity (overall symptom score during gluten ingestion that was two standard deviations above rice starch symptom score).

Application to Dietetic Practice: The abstract suggests strong support for nonceliac gluten sensitivity, but the authors provide further information and a different perspective in the body of the article. This highlights the importance of reading the entire article and not just the abstract.

Pub Med ID – 25701700

Posted in: Summer2015-Research