Randomized clinical trial: gluten may cause depression in subjects with non-celiac gluten sensitivity – an exploratory study

Highlights: Twenty-two adult subjects with irritable bowel syndrome, but not celiac disease, that self-reported feeling better on a gluten-free diet randomly received snacks containing gluten, whey protein (one of type of milk protein) or placebo. Significantly higher levels of depression were reported after three days consuming a gluten containing snack compared with placebo or whey protein, even though there was no difference in gastrointestinal symptoms.

Application to Dietetic Practice: The concept that gluten may directly and very quickly influence mood is popular in the lay media, but has only recently received research attention. Larger studies are needed to further investigate these findings. The media suggests that gluten directly causes depression. However, depression may be a side effect of increased physical discomfort and reduced relaxation/sleep.

Pub Med ID: 24689456


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