Probiotics in the development and treatment of allergic disease

Background & Summary: An infant’s intestinal microbiota may impact the development of food allergy and other inflammatory diseases. The mother’s microbiota is an important determinant of the type and quantity of microbiota that are established in the infant.  The mother may transfer healthy or unhealthy bacteria through prenatal placenta and amniotic fluid, birth canal delivery and breastfeeding. Pre and probiotic supplementation for the mother and/or infant is a potential therapy to prevent or treat allergic disease. However, meta-analyses have not supported this theory. The author discusses some of the limitations of the published meta–analyses.
Application to Dietetic Practice: There is insufficient evidence to recommend pre and probiotics for the prevention and treatment of allergic disease. Hopefully, future research will provide specific direction. Nevertheless, this is a fascinating article for dietitians that are interested in this topic.
Pub Med ID: 23101685

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