Nutritional aspects in diagnosis and management of food hypersensitivity-the dietitians role

Background & Summary: In most settings, the dietitian’s role in food hypersensitivity nutrition care is limited to nutrition education based on a physician prescribed restriction. This interesting article provides an opportunity to look beyond that role. Questions the dietitian (or other health care provider) can include in an allergy-focused clinical history and factors to consider when interpreting the information are provided. Three case studies illustrate the dietitian’s important role in identifying food allergens and providing nutrition care. The paper was written by three steering committee members of the International Network for Diet and Nutrition in Allergy (INDANA). General membership is open to any health care professional with a relevant first degree who is working in the field of food hypersensitivity.
Application to Dietetic Practice: This is a great article for all dietitians that work with food hypersensitivity clients. Student dietitians (or experienced dietitians looking for a change) can get an overview of the dietitian’s role in food hypersensitivity nutrition care.
Pub Med ID: 23150738

Posted in: Winter2013-Research