Managing food allergies in schools

Highlights: When food allergic children attend school, the school staff and parents must work together to determine measures to keep the child safe. This article reviews the common, controversial issues that arise, such as the need for separate tables and allergen “free” classrooms. The importance of Anaphylaxis Action Plans and personnel training (and the lack in most schools) is summarized.

Application to Dietetic Practice: An objective discussion regarding these issues is provided and suggests that many measures such as separate tables and banning allergens from the classroom are unnecessary.  This article may be beneficial for high literacy parents that are very concerned about the risks at school. The authors discuss the idea of proximity challenges in which the child is exposed (under medical supervision) to the allergen in similar proximity as they would at school (or other community settings). For example, the child sits next to someone opening a bag of peanuts. This may be very reassuring for parents and children that are anxious about potential exposure.

Pub Med ID: 25149169

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