Experiencing a first food allergic reaction: a survey of parent and caregiver perspectives.

Highlights: Members of the Anaphylaxis Canada database were invited to participate in a survey and qualitative interviews about the education they received after the first reaction and along the continuum of care.  In brief summary, families often did not receive education from health care professionals after the first reaction. Most education was received at the allergist appointment which was often months after the first reaction. Anaphylaxis Canada will work toward having resources available earlier in the continuum of care.

Application to Dietetic Practice: Hospital dietitians should consider developing a package of information for their emergency departments to provide to clients that have been treated for food anaphylaxis. Excellent print and online resources exist, so additional resources do not need to be developed. The client can be directed to the best resources and invited to make an appointment with the dietitian if guidance with dietary restriction is needed.

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