Childhood food allergies: current diagnosis, treatment, and management strategies.

Highlights:  Several food allergy consensus documents have been recently published. This article applies these guidelines to everyday practice. Table 2 describes eight clinical scenarios that general practitioners commonly encounter and appropriate interventions. The scenarios are applicable to dietitians as well. The fifth scenario states “All children with food allergy should be given epinephrine”. The reader should be aware that the authors are referring to IgE (immediate) allergy. Table 1 summarizes formula choice by clinical scenario. Table 4 from, Practical approach to nutrition and dietary intervention in pediatric food allergy (2013) is a more comprehensive reference, because it is based on DRACMA: Guidelines for the diagnosis and rationale against cow’s milk allergy (2010).

Application to Dietetic Practice: Pediatric dietitians would find this a useful article.

Pub Med ID #: 23639501

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