A practical approach to vitamin and mineral supplementation in food allergic children

Highlights: Parents that had previously seen a dietitian in a pediatric gastroenterology clinic for elimination diet counselling completed a three day food record. The aim was to see if the children were consuming micronutrient supplements to compensate for insufficient dietary intakes. The findings did not support this. However, this study reported what supplements the clients were taking, which may not be what the dietitian recommended. The authors speculated that this may have resulted from inadequate appointment time for the dietitian to thoroughly assess the client’s intake and provide accurate recommendations. They suggest that a multivitamin and mineral supplement should be routinely recommended.

Application to Dietetic Practice: Dietitians may want to consider routinely recommending a multivitamin and mineral supplement to all pediatric (and possibly adult) clients that are on elimination diets.

Pub Med ID – 25780558;  Web link

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