When planning reintroduction challenges for foods that have been eliminated, do you start with foods based the IgE level, suspected symptoms, etc.?

If a food was eliminated because of high levels of serum IgE, the reintroduction should be done under medical supervision due to anaphylaxis risk. The challenge can be done at home if there is no history or suspicion of immediate

I’m a pediatric dietitian, and families come to me with IgE test results from their family doctor. In many cases, there are several foods with moderate/high levels of IgE. If they are eating those foods and don’t have symptoms, should we restrict their diet?

No, the client would not need to restrict these foods. IgE antibodies mediate immediate hypersensitivity. The symptoms usually start within minutes, but can be delayed up to a few hours. The typical symptoms affect the skin (swelling, hives, itching), respiratory