Dietetic Internship Web Workshop

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Dietetic-Intern-Workshop-PSFood hypersensitivity affects every area of clinical practice and is essential knowledge for all dietitians. However, student dietitians receive very little training on this topic. This workshop responds to that deficiency.

Before the workshop, the participants read a comprehensive handout, watch online video case studies and complete interesting learning activities to ensure they have a basic understanding of food hypersensitivity pathology and management. This takes 1 – 3 hours depending on the intern’s prior knowledge. The online workshop includes four practical activities (which can be modified according to the group’s needs):

  • Jeopardy game to review the pre-workshop learning activities
  • Question and answers period
  • Client writing: Interns are challenged with common client e-mail questions.
  • Meal Planning: Interns modify meal plans for different restrictions (milk, gluten, egg, etc.).

The workshops are provided through GoToMeeting video conferencing (or through the institution’s video conferencing system). An internet connection and microphone (or telephone) is required. The interns can be in the same room or in different locations.

After the workshop, Wendy will remain a resource to the participants, who are invited to contact her with questions throughout their internship or later practice.

The cost is $500/workshop.

Wendy’s expertise and grounded experience has been a valuable addition to our interns’ annual professional development workshops for the past four years. With our interns distributed across Northern Ontario, this innovative workshop format allows everyone’s participation regardless of their location.

∼Lee Rysdale, MEd, RD. Practice Learning and Research Coordinator, Northern Ontario Dietetic Internship Program, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury, ON